Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mariah's 'Repentence'

To atone for the bad PR that comes when you accept a big payday for singing to Libyan tyrants, Mariah Carey is going to sing for the sake of something hallowed and sacred:
Mariah Carey’s new song will raise money for human rights issues.

The singer – who recently admitted she felt "horrible and embarrassed" about being paid $1 million to sing for the son of Libya's Colonel Gaddafi – plans to donate the proceeds from her new song ‘Save the Day’ to human rights causes and may even set up her own charitable foundation... 
Thus doth Mariah "Nellie Forbush" Carey sing: "I'm gonna wash that thug right outta my hair..." I wonder how "horrible and embarrassed" she'll feel when she finds out (if she finds out) that "human rights" in our time is largely a leftist/'Slamist/internationalist scam that aims to exert total control over thought and speech.

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