Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mr. Freeze

More sang froid--or is it pathological cluelessness? From the New York Post:
...Dozens were reported killed just yesterday, including up to 30 civilians, in Zawiya. Hospitals are rapidly filling up.

Libyan jets bombed the rebel-held towns of Brega and Ajbadiya. Fleeing refugees number in the tens of thousands.

Not to worry: The US is considering a "full range" of military and nonmilitary actions, the president says. On Thursday, he even got around to asking the wacky Libyan strongman to step down.

"Moammar el-Khadafy," Obama huffed, "has lost the legitimacy to lead" -- as if the dictator ever had any. "He must leave." (Too bad the prez didn't spell out the "or else" part that should follow.)

Sheesh! Doesn't anyone on Obama's team have a clue about the extent of the unfolding chaos -- and an idea of what needs to be done?...
Let me just say this about that: nope.

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