Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Muslim-Police Mutual 'Appreciation' Society

These days, sucking up to Muslims is pretty much part of a cop's job description. So it's woe betide the officer who fails to get with the Muslim appreciation/ingratiation program. This piece on the onislam site shows what can happen to an officer who balks at the compulsory fluffy outreach:
TULSA, Oklahoma – Reaching out to the wider community, an event organized by Islamic society in Tulsa city in the North-west American state of Oklahoma drew scores of police officers interested in learning more about Islam.

“You get the opportunity to meet different kind of people, different religions,” said Cleon Burrell, a Tulsa Police Department officer, News On 6 website reported on Saturday, March 5.

“You cannot turn down that opportunity.”
Burrell was one of more than 100 officers who visited Al Salam mosque on Friday to attend the Law Enforcement Appreciation Day hosted by the Islamic Society in Tulsa.

The event came as a token of appreciation from the Muslim community for police department's who helped protect its members when threats were made against them in the fall.

“This is our way to show appreciation,” Nabil Nofal, a Palestinian-rooted and Tulsa businessman, told Tulsa World.

“We’re all a part of this community.”

The event stirred up controversy last month when police captain Paul Fields refused an order to attend the event alongside with his officers, saying it conflicted with his personal religious convictions.

He was re-assigned to a different division and has since filed a lawsuit in federal court, claiming his first amendment rights were violated when he was ordered to attend...
No tasty samosas for you, Captain Fields.

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