Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The New Jew-Hate

Same as the old Jew-hate, with a zesty anti-Zionist twist. Writes Caroline Glick re the world's utter indifference to the slaughter of a Jewish family (and how YouTube banished the video detailing the savagery post haste) :
Obviously YouTube managers are not interested in being held responsible for someone noticing that genocidal Jew hatred defines Palestinian society — and the Arab world as a whole. But they really have no reason to be concerned. Even if they had allowed the video to be posted for more than an hour, it wouldn't have made a difference.
The enlightened peoples of Europe, and growing numbers of Americans, have no interest in hearing or seeing anything that depicts Jews as good people, or even just as regular people. It is not that the cultured, intellectual A-listers in Europe and America share the Palestinians' genocidal hatred of the Jewish people.

The powerful newspaper editors, television commentators, playwrights, fashion designers, filmmakers and professors don't spend time thinking about how to prepare the next slaughter. They don't teach their children from the time they are Hadas and Elad Fogel's ages that they should strive to become mass murderers. They would never dream of doing these things. They know there is a division of labor in contemporary anti-Semitism.

The job of the intellectual luminaries in Western high society today is to hate Jews the old-fashioned way, the way their greatgrandparents hated Jews back in the days of the early 20th century before that villain Adolf Hitler gave Jewhating a bad name.

Much has been made of the confluence of anti-Semitic bile pouring out of the chattering classes. From Mel Gibson to Julian Assange to Charlie Sheen to John Galliano, it seems like a day doesn't go by without some new celebrity exposing himself as a Jew hater.

It isn't that the beautiful people and their followers suddenly decided that Jews are not their cup of tea (or rail of cocaine). It's just that we have reached the point where people no longer feel embarrassed to parade negative feelings towards Jews.
You get to hate Jews and be patted on the back for your insight, sensitivity and innate virtuousness. How liberating, how heady, that must feel!

Update: Here's a typical comment on the Yahoo! report of "the White House" condemning the murders (note that the condemnation enamates from the edifice, not the chap who resides there) :

Obama never condemns the killing of Palestinian children or express regret for their loss of life unless he lumbs it together with the killing of jew children. Once again, Obama is jumping the gun by judging Palestinians to be guilty of murdering the jewish family before there is any proof of it. Obama remains impetuous and obviously did not learn nothing from the Henry Gates incident. Like Apartheid, Zionazi Israel, Obama never considered that the racist, violent, jew settlers might be guilty of murdering one of their own. As horrendous as it is, murder is committed in every countries and by members from every races and religions. Therefore, an investigation is needed to determine who murdered the family of 5, jew settlers or Palestinians.
Yes, because those "Zionazi" Jew settlers are so wicked that they might have slaughtered their own in order to make innocent Palestinians look bad. (How "Henry Gates" factors into things is anybody's guess, although it does provide a window into this individual's bizarre thought process.) BTW, last time I checked 13 like-minded folks gave this "insight" a thumbs up while 11 did not approve.

Update: Here's a rabble podcast full of the usual Zionhass, timed for the annual campus Jew-Hate Week. The blather is mostly a snore, but the "protest songs" are kinda catchy.

Update: Melanie Phillips lashes out at "the incomprehensible moral bankruptcy" of the British Foreign Office

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