Monday, March 7, 2011

The Son Also Rises--and Falls

If it's true than the quality of a fellow's character can be judged by the kind of company he keeps, then the character of Prince Andrew does not appear to be of the highest calibre. Indeed, Andrew, spawn of Liz and Phil, brother of King-in-waiting, the Arabist Prince Charles, has been keeping company with some mighty louche characters of late, including the "debonair" Saadi, spawn of Libyan despot Moo Moo. (If you told me he was also hanging out with self-styled toothless Adonis "Chaim" Sheen, I wouldn't be at all surprised.)

Like a toothless 'Adonis,' Andrew used to be quite dishy, but a dissolute lifestyle appears to have taken a heavy toll on his dishyness, too.

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