Saturday, March 19, 2011

T.O. Arab 'Love'-In

Arabs and other demonstrators turned out in droves in Toronto to show their support for Israel, which has been on the receiving end of a mortal bombardment by Hamas.

Purim Fools! Actually, they turned out to protest Arab-on-Arab violence in Bahrain, Libya, Yemen and other places.

"Hey...PEOPLE OF CANADA LOVES (sic) YOU," reads the sign in the photo (#5 of 12 on the Toronto Sun site) hoisted by an adorable moppet. And, indeed, it's hard not to feel the "love" in the photo (#6) that follows it of a pretty young thing wearing her Palestinian terrorist shmatta.

Unless, of course, you're for Israel, in which case the "love" seems to be very limited and not at all in keeping with the spirit of Canadian "diversity" and multiculturalism.

Update: Freudian slip in the first sentence--should be "mortar" not "mortal." But "mortal " works, too, don't you think?

Update: The Ceeb reports that the

rally included speeches, chants of "Shame, shame, dictator!"...
Exactly the same rhythm as the "Free, Free, Palestine!" chant. But that's no real surprise (more like a dead giveaway, in fact).

Update: No wonder the rhythm sounded the same. The rally was organized by the Toronto Arab Solidarity Campaign, which includes in its ranks such zany anti-Zionist rackets as the Canadian Arab Congress, the Canadian Peace Alliance, and the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War. (Obviously, those last two only want to stop some wars, not all of them.)

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