Sunday, March 6, 2011

'Today I Am a Dhimmi'

That should have been the slogan of the non-Muslims (including hip hop mogul Russell Simmons) who gathered along with Imam Rauf of Ground Zero mosque fame to protest upcoming hearings into the radicalisation of American Muslims. Instead their slogan was "Today I Am a Muslim Too."

USA Today reports that Beth Gillinsky, who's with the Jewish Action Alliance, "heaped scorn" on that notion:

"I want to tell Imam Rauf and Imam Shamsi Ali and all of the rest of them up there that I am not a Muslim today," Gilinsky said. "Yesterday I wasn't a Muslim. Today I'm not a Muslim. I'm not going to be a Muslim for even 24 hours, Imam Rauf, and I'm not going to be a Muslim tomorrow. You will not convert me."
That's not very interfaithy of you, Beth. Why can't you be more like reality TV wench Kim Kardashian, who couldn't be there but "who tweeted Sunday that she stood with Simmons in "promoting love and compassion""? (Can't wait to see Kim and her sisters in burqas.)

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