Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Twinner's Foundation for Endless Dhimmitude

Before there was Charlie Sheen and his mantra "winning," there was Rabbi Marc Schneier and his mantra "twinning." Schneier is the Grand Poobah of interfaith, a guy so thoroughly out to lunch (a tasty repast of falafels and samosas, natch) that he partnered with the custodian of the two holy mosques to "twin" North American mosques and synagogues. (The rabbi saw it as a great breakthrough in interfaith relations. Those not in the same throes of delusion saw it for what it was: an opportunity for da'wa and taqiyyah intended primarily to drive a wedge between North American Jews and Israel--or "the Zionist entity," as the avuncular Wahhabi monarch prefers to call it.)

Schneier was on hand with other interfaithy types the other day to whinge about an inquiry into those factors that can turn an otherwise normal-seeming Muslim lad into a raging jihadi who thinks nothing of trying to blows off his privates in public. Here's NYT op-ed opiner Bob Herbert, who's certain that such an inquiry would be grossly unfair and hugely discriminatory because it would only examine Islamic and not other forms of radicalism (funny, that's exactly what the CAIR PR flack said on Michael Medved yesterday), describing the twinmeister's appearance at the gathering of Muslims, Islamists and useful dhimmidiots in Times Square the other day (the one featuring hip hop gazillionaire Russell Simmons):
Rabbi Marc Schneier, the president of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, was among some 500 people at a rally in Times Square on Sunday that was called to protest Mr. King’s hearings. “To single out Muslim-Americans as the source of homegrown terrorism,” he said, “and not examine all forms of violence motivated by extremist belief — that, my friends, is an injustice.”
That, my friends, is sanity and self-preservation. Don't let the squishy Schneiers, Herberts and Simmonses tell you otherwise.

Update: Mark Steyn comments re another rabbi who attended the Simmons/Imam Rauf rally (and who took umbrage at Steyn's characterization of it):
A "moderate" imam is a guy who regards the US as culpable for 9/11, supports Hamas, and whitewashes eliminationist brutes. A "moderate" rabbi is the chump standing next to him.
And a "moderate" rabbi who thinks he's making headway in interfaith relations via a Wahhabi-sponsored "twinning" scam is the biggest chump of all.

Update: Lifestyles, a glossy mag full of hagiographic profiles of the rich and semi-famous (most of them Jewish), details the touching story of the Simmons-Shneier friendship/blendship.

Update: The twinmeister tells the Jewish Week that the the King hearings are "un-American":
Rabbi Marc Schneier, president of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding and a vice president of the World Jewish Congress, said he understood that Muslims are the only ones being invited to testify.

“I find that un-American,” he said. “We have a tradition in this country of bridge building, of ethnic and interfaith alliances, and about one group fighting for the other. It’s not about one community being under attack and having to fight that battle alone. …“Those of us who are actively engaged with the American Muslim community will not have the opportunity to speak out in defense of our brothers and sisters in the Muslim world, and that I find extremely disappointing. The tenor of these hearings will result in greater fear and misunderstanding of the American Muslim community. They need to be tempered by faith leaders extolling the virtues of American Muslims the overwhelming majority of whom are as committed and as dedicated to our country as any other faith community.”
Is this guy for real? (I liked Peter King's no-nonsense response to this sort of boo-hooing: "I don't have the luxury of feel-good politics.")

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