Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What Do Arabs Really Want?

On his radio show yesterday, "astute" host John Tory told listeners that Arab protesters in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, etc., want what the rest of us want--democracy, the rule of law, one law for all, a functioning judiciary, yadda yadda yadda.

Robert Spencer explains why that's a fluffy pipe dream:
The demonstrators in Libya, Egypt, and elsewhere in the Middle East may be pro-democracy insofar as they want the will of the people to be heard, but given their world view, their frame of reference, and their core assumptions about the world, if that popular will is heard, it will likely result in huge victories for the Muslim Brotherhood and similar pro-Sharia groups. Hence the ubiquitous chant of the Libyan protesters: not “Give me liberty or give me death,” but “No God but Allah!”...
Richard Cohen, a WaPo columnist with whom I usually disagree, nails it with his observation that more "democracy" in the Arab world means a whole lot more Jew-hate. Alas, he reverts to (clueless) form in asserting that the onus is on Israel to "solve" the Palestinian problem because that will help dispel the Arabs' Judenhass.

If only.

What do Arabs really want? They want to live to see the day when the "filthy" Jews (one of the Koran's terms of endearment) and their entity disappear from the planet for good--and for the good of all. In that sense, they want exactly what Hitler (who also viewed "the Jew" as "filth") wanted.


Blazing Cat Fur said...

First off John Tory isn't. Secondly, John Tory is an idiot.

Roz said...

Someone should force feed John Tory truth serum. I am embarassed he calls himself a Conservative.