Saturday, March 12, 2011

Where's the Gadaffi Apartheid Week?

Rex Murphy knows exactly where it is. It's nowheresville, man, there being nothing to be gained--not the warm feeling of self-satisfaction that comes from "righting" a grievous wrong (the plight of dispossessed Palestinians) nor the sense of making progress in eliminating wicked Zionism--by condemning the genuine, endemic, pervasive moral crimes of Arabs. Rex observes:
It is an inverted moral calculus that tries to persuade the world to demonize one state that tries its civilized best to abide in a difficult time and place, and rides merrily by the examples and practices of dozens of states and leaderships that drop into brutality every day without a twinge of regret or a whisper of condemnation.
No, no, no, no--Arabs always good; Jews always bad.

Say it often--and ardently--enough, and you can persuade yourself that it's true.

And speaking of the moral inversion: the days of the Queen's University Zion-loathing rector may be numbered. Here's a poem in honour of the impending termination of his rectorship (rectorhood?):

A Queen's University rector
Did his utmost to raise the dark spectre
Of "Zionists" who "oppress."
But nevertheless
Academe needs a 'Big Lie' detector.

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