Saturday, March 19, 2011

Zionhass Here and There

Michael Coren connects the dots:
Last week I wrote of how proud I was of being a Zionist, and how much I admired and respected the flawed but still remarkable state of Israel. The vomit of abuse was predictable — sent to me privately but also on display in the comment section of this newspaper.

Just hours later, the militant, violent face of such race-hatred and irrational anti-Israel hysteria revealed itself when five innocent people, three of them tiny children, were slaughtered like animals as they slept in their beds...

By the way, this slaughter of innocents took place while publicly funded Canadian students were trying to silence and intimidate their opponents by holding Israel Apartheid Week. The irony bleeds, and so do the Fogels.
Alas, the IAW cretins are as immune to irony as they are to the suffering of anyone save their Palestinian lambs.

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