Tuesday, March 8, 2011

And Never the Twain Shall Meet

There are those who are convinced that the Haredi-secular split in Israel is the most critical problem facing the Jewish State, and who sincerely believe that the ultra-religious must be brought to heel if Israel is to survive.

Then there are those like P. David Hornik and me who think the jihad's useful lefty Jewish idiots pose the bigger  (i.e. a civilizational) problem.

Update: Those who revile the Haredim should read thisCaroline Glick's piece about the Haredi women in Israel who "are the only ones rescuing battered Jewish women from their abusive Muslim husbands."

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Paul said...

... both groups are complete idiots.

And it's a sad state of affairs when one sees the world simply in black and white.

Moishe Dyan who led the Jewish people in re-gaining their ancient capital, never wanted Jerusalem to become a Jewish "Vatican" for very good reasons.

Namely, he knew first hand the Haredi suffer from the same mental illness every self-righteous sanctimonious intolerant regressive religico suffers from, regardless of their persuasion.