Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Commonality of Multiculti-Speak

When asked to comment on the recent backlash against the failed social doctrine of multiculturalism (the dogma that has allowed Muslims to immigrate en masse and turn parts of Europe's cities into little Riyadhs and Islamabads, etc., and that has resulted in "homegrown" extremism/jihadism), Bernie Farber of the CJC said:
I just think it doesn't make sense to narrow in on a discreet, insular group that has already been the target of a certain amount of discrimination.
When asked to supply his two cents' worth re a congressional inquiry into the radicalisation of American Muslims, Keith Ellison, the first Muslim-American congressman (he swore his oath of office on a Koran once owned by Thomas Jefferson), said:
Generalizing the actions of a small extremist minority within immigrant communities to its entirety is a recipe for stereotyping at best and racism at worst.
Fooled ya! Actually, Keith is responsible for the first statement while Bernie uttered the other.

But, really, either one could have come out of either chap's mouth. That's because the Ceejer is a "multiculturalist" due to his die-hard conviction that it affords protection to Canadian Jews (i.e., it's a security blankie, like Section 13-sanctioned state censorship). Meanwhile, Keith is all multiculti because it makes it easier to get non-Muslims to let down their guard and pay no never mind as sharia creeps in on little cats feet. Both are into the multiculti for his own reason; both end up sounding almost exactly the same.

Funny, that.

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thedailyrasp said...

Watching Fox News this am, I heard (sharia) creepy Corey Saylor of that helpful sharia compliant CAIR speak the same way as both Ellison and Burny. The memo has gone out to all multiculters to stick to the narrative for the duration of the Rep King hearings. Saylor also referred to King as "the Witch Burner".