Monday, March 14, 2011

"Diversity" Bites

Mark Steyn comments on the latest casualty of PC "security concerns," Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney. Ironically, the minister of multiculti wasn't multiculti enough (or was multiculti in the wrong way) for the cultists of York University (site in '09 of a mini-pogrom). The yahoos of York declined to allow Minister Kenney, a friend of Israel and thus an enemy of the PC posse, to sully its Simon-pure campus unless he agreed to pay a security "jizya." Saith Steyn:
"Israeli Apartheid Week" is Canada's gift to the world. It started in Toronto on Bernie ("Nobody knows I'm Jewish") Farber's watch, while he and the other cardboard cavaliers of Canada's "human rights" racket were out chasing phantoms. So, in Farber's boundlessly "tolerant" "diverse" Toronto, a real defender of Israel like Jason Kenney cannot speak at a public university: Celebrate the diversity of the people we ban! Up is down, black is white, "tolerance" is ever more intolerant, "diversity" is stultifying conformity, and the Great White North is retreating into darkness.
And what is the Ceej's chief phantom-chaser up to these days? Most recently, he "tweeted" that "anonymity breeds ugliness online."

Right, because if there's one thing Canada needs it's less anonymous criticism of multicultists and more non-anonymous "niceness" (of the sort that shuts down the likes of J. Kenney).

Update: A poem for the posse:

York University
Says Jason Kenney he
Can't come to speak.

"Security reasons"
Gives cover for bullies
Who've sent free speech up a
Proverbial creek.

Update: The real problem isn't virtual anonymity. It's genuine Judenhass.


Revnant Dream said...

Its one thing to blockade award winning honest Journalists, or social speakers. Thats bad enough for people who brag about open minds. Its another Universe when they deny a Crown Minister. Stupid University. There the ones who dole out your cash.
Does this slime pit of misinformation posing as an institute of learning really this dumb?
Yup, Happily when it comes to
Islamo-Marxist ideology.
Canada's Universities are now centers of Dawa conjoined with Marx.
Farber with his crew should get the Kapo crap award, for their farsighted policies.

Colin Flaherty said...

mar is bigger than canada. way bigger. and needed way more.

A San Francisco public relations guy