Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ah, Yes, the Old "He's Troubled and Confused" Defence

A lawyer is resorting to that one because his client has been arrested for allegedly scheming to aid ISIS. His client, a Cuban-American lad who apparently took a wrong turn and just kept going, is reported to have posted the following thoughts online:
"Be a warrior, learn how to cut your enemies head and then burn down the body learn how to be the new future of the world Caliphate"
Somewhat later, he asked his "brothers" to help him learn how to cook up one of those homemade bombs.

Does that sound like someone who's "confused" to you? Or does it sound like someone who was certain in his beliefs and who was looking to get in on the jihadi action?

Update: El Confuso was supposedly to load a backpack with bombs and detonate it on unsuspecting infidels vacationing at a Key West beach. After all, he was planning to use the same M.O. in Miami.

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