Friday, July 24, 2015

Will Official Jewry Do Something--Anything--About Obama's Crappy Nuke Deal? No Way, Moshe

Daniel Greenfield writes:
If Obama’s nuclear deal is to be defeated, it won’t be done by the establishment insiders.  
The establishment is invested in its own credibility and its politics. It will make a show of fighting the Iran deal before fundraising off its miserable failure. And the money will go to fund its progressive causes. 
The establishment will not stand up to Obama, just like it didn’t stand up to FDR.  
Creative solutions will not come from the establishment, but from outside it. The establishment failed when it came to Israel, the Holocaust and Soviet Jewry. Expecting it to do any more about Iran than be “deeply concerned” is a formula for disappointment.
Since I expect nothing from establishment Jews (who, in general, are little men with big egos), they can never disappointment.

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