Thursday, July 23, 2015

David Cameron Goes a Long Way--But Not Far Enough--In Acknowledging the Sources of Zionhass

British Prime Minister David Cameron is vowing to tackle Zionhass (my way--not his--of characterizing the Jew-hate of our time, a hate that incorporates and is often fueled by the hatred of Israel, the Jewish State). It's a fundamental step, he says, in derailing "the Islamist threat":
David Cameron’s pledge to tackle antisemitism as a vital first stage of the government’s strategy to defeat Islamist extremism has been welcomed by Jewish organisations. 
The Prime Minister outlined a five-year plan to combat jihadism in a major speech on Monday. 
He described conspiracy theories around Jews “exercising malevolent power” and about the West working with Israel to “destroy Islam” as being the first stage in the development of Islamist extremists. 
Mr Cameron said extremism grew out of a “warped worldview” that left Islamists believing that “9/11 was actually inspired by Mossad”. 
Such views are at the root of jihadist and neo-Nazi ideology, he added...
Can you imagine Barack Obama saying such things? I think not--so kudos to Cameron for summoning up such refreshing chutzpah at a time when all the leader of the free world can manifest is admiration for "the one true faith." That said, it would have been even more honest and helpful had the P.M. acknowledged Islam's sacred religious texts--the Koran, the hadith, etc.--as being at the root of the jihadist's "warped worldview," including their Jew-hate.

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