Saturday, July 4, 2015

God Bless America--and Let Freedom Ring

Say it loud. Say it proud (not the least because it drives the self-righteous America-loathers crazy).

An anecdote for Independence Day: I'm Canadian, but I'm the mom of a son who was born 17 years ago in the USA. He has dual citizenship, but were you to ask him (and you don't even need to ask him, because he won't hesitate to tell you unsolicited) he would say that he's American.

Proudly and unabashedly American.

Last fall, we had parent-teacher interviews at his school. After raving about our son's knowledge and contributions to the class, his American history teacher told us that so strong is our son's identification with the U.S. that he "comes to class draped in the American flag."

We thought it was a metaphor until the teacher explained that (unbeknownst to us) our son had an American flag stored in his locker, and that he wore it--sans irony and with pride--to every American history class.

Would that Americans living in America were as proud of their country, and of their flag, as my son is.

Have a glorious 4th, Americans. And keep your eyes on that grand old flag despite those ingrates and naysayers who would replace your freedom with the sort of authoritarianism your Founding Fathers balked at and gave the boot to.

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Man with Hat said...

Congratulations mother and son.