Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Levant Pushes Back Against "Bully" Charge

In a letter to the Toronto Star, the paper that published an article bemoaning the right winger's appearance at a local kvetch-fest, Ezra Levant turns the tables on the aggrieved mom:
...I welcome criticism of my views and my conduct. But Porter’s claim that I was a “bully” or “belittled” anybody just didn’t happen. 
Porter says her child was waiting to speak to me for five minutes behind my back, but it seemed to me that she tried to use her daughter as political cannon fodder. 
Neither I nor her daughter played along, so Porter wrote a dramatized account — perhaps forgetting that the reality was caught on tape. 
I don't know that she "forgot" about being caught on tape. More likely she thought it would show reality as she perceived it--i.e. with her being the virtuous, Earth-loving mom and Ezra being the sinister, conservative, climate change-denying brute.

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