Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Mom Describes Her Daughter's Terrifying Encounter With a "Bullying" Climate Change Balker/Mocker

What's a mother to do when her snowflake encounters a climate change denier grilling a man in a chicken suit? The terrifying run-in is described here:
My daughter’s first protest started off with a fight. 
We were standing in a crowd of vegans on the lawn before Queen’s Park, watching right-wing broadcasting bully Ezra Levant cross-examine a man dressed up like a chicken. 
Lyla asked what he was doing. I told her that he was belittling him, because Levant doesn’t believe climate change is being caused by humans. 
“That’s like calling a blue car yellow,” she responded. “How can he not believe in climate change?” 
She picked up her placard — a green car she designed, with sunflowers for headlights — and marched over to ask him why. 
I let her go. I haven’t decided if this was a good parenting decision or a bad one. In fact, part of me wondered if bringing Lyla to the Jobs, Justice and Climate march would backfire as well...
Backfire? For sure. Now Lyla knows that there are people out there who--quelle horreur!--hold different opinions, knowledge that is all but certain to trigger a trauma. (Wearing a chicken suit to a climate change protest--I'm not sure if that's a micro or a macro aggression. Whatever it is, it's damn funny!)

Update: Chicken man sighted at 2:25 of this video:

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