Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Zafar Bangash, Local Historian, Says History Is Repeating

Oh, not in a Neville-Chamberlain-peace-in-our-time sort of way. It's repeating in terms of age-old battles waged by Islam's founder against those dastardly "Yahudis"/Jews:
A brief historical review is in order. The battle [of al-Ahzab] occurred in the fifth year of the Hijrah. Two Yahudi power factions — Banu Qaynuqa‘ and Banu al-Nadir — had already been expelled from Madinah after they violated their Covenant agreement with the noble Messenger (pbuh); they had committed treason. Under the terms of the agreement, they should have been executed but the noble Messenger (pbuh), showing his immense mercy, merely expelled them with their belongings. The third Yahudi power faction — Banu Qurayzah — stayed in Madinah and its members were provided full protection and citizenship rights as long as they did not violate their agreement, which would have constituted treason against the Islamic State. Leaders of the other two treacherous Jewish power factions went around the Arabian Peninsula mobilizing other Arabian tribes to march on Madinah and finish the Muslims off. They gathered the mushriks of Makkah as well as the Bedouin tribes from Najd in Central Arabia. They assembled a force of more than 10,000 fully armed men. This was a formidable force against the small Muslim community that could mobilize only 3,000 men. The Muslims’ situation was complicated by the presence of munafiqs (dual loyalists, fifth columnists) in their ranks sowing fear and discord. Prior to the Battle of Uhud, 300 munafiqs had broken off from the Muslim army of a mere 1,000 that headed out to confront an enemy force of 3,000. While their absence was not the direct cause of the setback the Muslims suffered, it was a psychological blow to them at such a crucial time.
Cut to the chase: Jews lost, Muslims won--just as, in our time, the Islamic Republic (Iran) will prevail in the coming battle with Zionists and Saudis, who Zaffy taunts for allowing the Jews to take the lead:
Muslims that have followed developments closely would know that a new alliance is in the making between the Zionists and the Arabian rulers against struggling Muslims. This is the neo-Ahzab in the making. Like the Prophet’s (pbuh) time, the Zionists are leading the charge in lining up the Bedouin tribes of the region against the Islamic State of Iran. The Makkan mushriks had more honor than the so-called Muslim Bedouins of today. While the mushriks were mobilized by the Zionists of old, they still retained their leadership role...
Somehow I doubt that Bangash will mention any of this at the Khomeinists' annual Zionhass-a-palooza on the 11th. It might alienate the Zion-loathers who aren't of a Khomeinist bent and who think that what they're doing is supporting "justice" for Palestinians (when what they're really doing is supporting the Khomeinsts' evil schemes).

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