Monday, July 6, 2015

Revealing Khameini "Tweet" Features Iran's Chief Nuke Negotiator

On June 30, the Grandiose Ayatollah tweeted his confidence in his nuke negotiations team. "I recognize our negotiators as trustworthy, committed, brave and faithful," said His Grandiosity, who included this team photo:
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I don't mean to jump to conclusions, but it appears to me that the Ayatollah's white-coated nuke team is in one of their boss's "peaceful" nuclear facilities. And see the guy in the middle, the one with the glasses and white beard? That benign-looking chap is none other than John Kerry's sparring partner/chief Iranian nuke negotiator Javad Zarif.

If I were Kerry, I think I'd show Zarif the photo and ask him to 'splain exactly where he is, and what he saw there. (First, however, I'd demand to hook him up to a lie detector.)

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