Sunday, June 27, 2010

By George, I Think He's Got It

Don't get me wrong--I think Queers Against Israeli Apartheid is a revolting and ridiculous group of clueless useful idiots. And I don't think too highly of Pride parade organizers, who crumpled under the pressure of the big lie lobby. But there's something utterly risible about one of the biggest boosters of state censorship and the "human rights" system, someone who has foolishly assumed that victims groups would stand by other victim groups by virtue of their mutual victimhood and that in the pecking order of victim groups the Jews would always rank numero uno (because of the Holocaust), making this statement (in the Toronto Star):
QuAIA's place in the Pride march sends a disturbing message. In good Orwellian fashion, the rights of some in the community apparently trump those of others.

Fanny Brice said it best, "Don't bring around a cloud to rain on my parade."
Actually, Bernie, Fanny Brice never said it. Bob Merrill wrote it and Barbra Streisand sang it (way to pander to the queer crowd, though). But in good, Orwellian fashion, you've managed to overlook Christians being "trumped" for saying mean things about Muslims and homosexuals, and Richard Warman's painstaking efforts to root out celler-dwelling sieg-Heilers on your behalf. And let's not even get into Salman Hossain of Filthy Jewish Terrorists fame "trumping" the Jews.

As Liza Minnelli once said, "Life is a cabaret, old chum, come to the cabaret."

Update: As always, Steyn says it best:
After 40 years of "human rights" fetishization, Jews are more equal than a penniless white supremacist posting to the Internet from his mum's basement. Congratulations, Bernie. That worked out well. Now you're beginning to get the picture, why not get off the book-burning team and stand for real freedom? The Canadian state won't help you against Salman Hossain. Free speech will. Jews prosper when they stand with liberty, not when they form malign alliances with state bullies that always prove short-sighted and self-defeating.
As Eliza Doolittle said, "Loverly."

Update: Do you suppose Bernie didn't refer to Barbra by name but used the distancing mechanism of "Fanny Brice" because he didn't want to sound too, you know, gay (the thinking being something like "I'm up for a pander, but let's not get carried away and give people the wrong impression")?


Marise Cousineau said...

I have seen time and again those who may hold similar positions on anti-Zionists and anti-Semites stab themselves in the heart merely because they come from different political spectrums. Its a destructive and counter-intuitive strategy. It feeds into the enemies of democracy.

Yes the Apple/Farber op-ed piece may have some flaws but it takes on QuAIA and the Pride organizers with a clear and logical argument. The piece explains the issue and will win over many in the so-called mainstream.

Keep on fighting with each other and you will hand victory to those who wish to see the destruction of Israel.

My late mother who was French Canadian had a saying "Si vous n'avez pas quelque chose de gentil à dire sur une personne alors ne dis pas qu'il"...if you cannot say something nice about a person then don't say anything. In our battle against Jew-haters and anti-Semites lets learn to work together even if we dont always like each others messages as long as we areon the same side on this we can marshall that energy and work towards what is right.

scaramouche said...

I definitely will keep "fighting" against those who champion the bollocks of state censorship and multiculturalism. And I will do so with those--both Jew and non-Jew--who know that is the Trojan horse that has will let in sharia, and will be the death of us.

Meir Weinstein said...

I thought Bernie Farber's call to come out and confront the con artists, was correct. The JDL will be out in the streets ready to confront the con artists (proxies of Political Islam). The JDL will also be ready to protest and assist all bloggers that will film and report the event.
Meir Weinstein ND JDL Canada

Focustnv said...

The article written by Justine Apple and Bernie Farber exposes the Con Artists of “Queers against Israel apartheid”. Countering lies must be done wherever they occur whether it’s at a parade on July 4th or at the Islamic Conference on July 2nd, 2010.

We must unite as ONE VOICE.

Rochelle Michaels