Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Return of the Sock

Guess who gave the keynote speech (on "Human Rights and Canadian Muslims") at last week's fundraiser for the Canadian Islamic Congress? None other than the most bellicose of Elmo's infamous sock puppets, Khurrum Awan. Here's how he was billed in a CIC media release:
Khurrum is a young Muslim Lawyer interested in Human Rights, Social Justice, Current Affairs, Politics, and Sports. He was very active on the Macleans Magazine case and for that Canadian Muslim community is very much thankful to him. He has served as CIC Youth Director.

Clearly, he's their kind of "human rights/social justice" activist. (I thought Wahida Valiante's CIC was supposed to be much different than Elmo's CIC. Guess I was wrong.)


Unknown said...

Little Sock on the Prairie


Paul said...

... I was going to make a pointed comment on this but Ezra would be better at eviscerating the little prick. (other to say that those Lerner's in London like to play both sides of the fence it seems.)