Monday, June 21, 2010

Lofty? Or Utopian?

This message from the Chairperson appears on the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal site:

Canadians have built a diverse society and are proud of the progress they have made in transforming the ideals of equality and inclusion into cultural norms. Yet true equality remains an ongoing and often elusive goal. The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal is an integral part of the federal government infrastructure created to achieve that goal.
The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal is the administrative body that hears complaints of discrimination arising throughout the federally regulated sphere. It hears from complainants and respondents alike, as well as from interested third parties, including the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Through open, fair and transparent hearings, the Tribunal assesses evidence and rules on complaints of discrimination. The Tribunal's decisions inform the parties-and Canadians-about the law as applicable to specific facts that arise in complaints. By guaranteeing open, fair and transparent hearings and by providing just and well-reasoned rulings on individual complaints of discrimination, the Tribunal helps to entrench equality into the daily lives of Canadians. Thus, the Tribunal gives real effect to these lofty ideals through practical and legally binding decisions...
Do you feel Canadian society is more "equal" (and not in a George Orwell four-legs-good-two-legs-bad sort of way) because of the "human rights" court and its intelligence, fairness and transparency? Or do you, like me, think that, rather than elevating our society and nudging it toward "perfection" (what a terrifying thought!), it has, by its very existence (and its inherent and transparent unfairness) had quite the opposite effect?

And speaking of "cultural norms," how do you expect to create this perfect society when you import thousands of "refugees" who hew to a whole 'nother kind of "perfection"--a kind that sanctions manhandling/killing women who behave in a way that displeases their menfolk, who have been deemed superior by virtue of their maleness by their "perfect" doctrines (ones that are inherently and fundamentally antithetical to ours)?
Lofty, shmofty. The whole thing is a joke--and the joke, alas, is on us.

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