Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jennifer Lynch Is Taking Notes

Barack Obama wants to "control" the Internet--for "national security" reasons, of course, and not because he's the ultimate control freak.


Tim Johnston said...

I dunno about this - maybe if he talked a harder line on terrorism we could believe 'national security' is at stake, but he has jeopardised this bill by his own inaction. Bush upset the civil libertarians too, and a lot of us ended up giving him a break because of the focus on stopping terror attacks on the US. I don't think people will cut Obama the same slack for exactly the reason you suggest; we know he's a control freak.

scaramouche said...

This has nothing to do with national security. It's about the Internet being like the wild West--something untamed that cannot yet be corralled. The idea that there are people communicating out there--for good and ill--beyond the reach of state mechanisms drives certain "liberal"-minded types berserk.