Sunday, June 20, 2010

Does Jenny Hate Jewry?

Ezra Levant examines the question and, after noting her recent effusiveness re the Canadian Islamic Congress, which she regards as a precious "stakeholder" in the wretched "human rights" apparatus, he concludes that why yes, yes she does.

I'm not sure she fits the conventional profile of an anti-Semite--someone who obsessively and irrationally loathes Jews. Rather, I regard her as one of the clueless throng that has made a cult out of "human rights" while ignoring how the concept has been hijacked by those whose ideology represents the antithesis of "human rights" (the genuine ones that represent the flowering of classical liberalism, not the phony ones that are a manifestation of Marxist dogma and that dovetail quite nicely with the sharia agenda). As well, I think she's so heavily invested in the "human rights" industry, with its pecking order of victim groups--and her noggin has been lodged up her backside for so long--that she is incapable of perceiving reality (because, well, it's very dark and tight up there, and the light don't ever shine).


Blazing Cat Fur said...

You display a shocking intimacy with Jenny's butt! Please tell me it's the result of a vivid imagination.

scaramouche said...

Never been near the thing. I just know how her sort operate.