Friday, June 25, 2010

'Peace' Naik

MEMRI has "an ideological profile" of Peace TV's Dr. Zakir Naik. Dr. Naik has the distinction of having been banned both in Britain and Canada.

Update: Naik's out; Yee's in. Here's how the Journey of Faith conference announces the change of keynote speaker due to circumstances beyond its control:
Dr. Zakir Naik Unable to Attend the 3rd Annual Journey of Faith Conference on July 2nd - 4th 2010
All praises are due to Allah and we seek His assistance and guidance for our success in this world and the next.
The organizers of the 3rd Annual Journey of Faith conference, regret to announce that Dr. Zakir Naik will be unable to attend this year's conference due to the uncertainty of his admission to Canada.

While no official public notice or announcement has been issued regarding the Canadian government's decision to revoke Dr. Naik's visa, we have no choice but to assume, based on various reports, that such a decision has been made and abide by it at this time.
Nonetheless, the attendees and supporters of Journey of Faith will not be left empty handed. The conference will go on as planned and Dr. Zakir Naik will be joining us via live video conferencing along with all the other speakers already scheduled. Join us this Canada Day weekend for a journey towards understanding our Divine Manual: The Holy Qur'an.
The Journey of Faith conference is an invitation to Muslims and peoples of other faiths to learn about Islam. It is not to promote a particular speaker or individual. We are confident that in keeping with our mission statement and vision we will continue to achieve our collective goals.
We seek to promote a healthy and balanced understanding of Islam through the Divine Revelations and Prophetic Traditions.

Our mandate is to endorse and present the proper understanding of religious sources and to avoid human whims and desires which often lead to extremism, intolerance and religious violence...
Yes, human "whims and desires" simply won't do: submission--complete and unquestioning--to Allah is the thing.

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Poste de veille said...

Since this hate preacher was denied entry into the UK and Canada because of his record of hate speech, and since he will address a crowd of 12k people in Toronto via teleconference, the question is : will the CHRC, which has jurisdiction on hate speech propagated through electronic media, do anything ? It seems to me that the denial of visa by two countries establishes a strong prima facie case of incitement.