Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hossain Sings 'Brice' to Bentley

Don't tell me not to post,
Just stop my seethin'.
Life's fleetin' and Jew-hate's
A lot like breathin'.
Don't bring around a charge to reign in Judenhass.
Don't tell me not to spew,
I've simply got to.
So who's in thrall to Jews?
It sure as heck ain't me--
I can't believe that it is not you.
Don't bring around a charge
To rain on my Jew-hate...
I'm gonna rant,
And rant now.
Make 'em all pant,
I know how.
One site that's called FJT,
One site 'bout conspiracy.
Do it for Dar al Islam.
Do it all for Allah's plan.
Eyes on the target that's clear
One nuke and--boom--disappear.
Hey, Mr. Farber, I'm still here!
I'll trot my rage out,
Talk genocide.
Rattle my cage, sir,
The Jews and pigs and monkeys,
Gauge, sir, how folks are Zion's flunkies.
Get ready for me, Jews, to end "dishonour".
I simply gotta spew till you're a goner.
Nobody, no nobody is gonna reign in my Jew-hate!

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