Monday, June 28, 2010

Well-Meaning Gay Jews Who Get It--But Not Completely

Martin Gladstone, the guy who spearheaded the campaign to remove the phrase "Israeli apartheid" from the 2010 Pride parade (a campaign that ended up backfiring--big time), writes in Friday Night magazine:
The message to the one million people who attend Pride is clear: if the gay community, so historically oppressed, now brands Israel as the new South Africa, a vile racist regime, then it must be true.
I couldn't disagree more. The actual message is that gays aren't inherently more saintly or wise as a function of they're having been "so historically oppressed." They can be just as clueless, hateful and susceptible to "progressive"/Islamist propaganda as anyone else. Had the well-intentioned Gladstone not been convinced of the veracity of this false supposition--the one upon which he obviously based his campaign--perhaps we might have been spared the whole anti-anti-apartheid fiasco.

Meanwhile, Joanne Cohen writes (in a letter to the editor of the Jewish Tribune):

...As this is not a matter of 'free speech' as QuAIA claims, but rather a matter of public safety and human rights, as well as antisemitic discrimination, marginalization, defamation and harassment and criminal intimidation from our lawful purposes contravening not only the City of Toronto's anti-discrimination policy--despite City Council resolutions on this matter--but also de facto harassment and discrimination on grounds of ethnicity, religion, creed, conscience and national origin contrary to the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (effectively denying Jews and Israelis and those supportive of Jews and Israel equal benefit of this tax-funded festival without undue concern for their safety), as well as demonstrated criminal intimidation from our lawful purposes contrary to the Criminal Code (in which Jews can expect public vilification and harassment and menacing behaviour and security concerns as a condition of our participation in this tax-funded festival, unlike ANY other group), I would suggest that our leadership continue to monitor this issue closely, remove Pride Toronto's public funding (municpal, provincial and federal), and pursue human rights complaints against the City of Toronto, Pride Toronto, its sponsors and criminal charges against QuAIA and all others empowering any unlawful behaviour.
Oh, honey. Didn't you get the memo? The only Jew-haters authorities are prepared to pursue at the moment are "menacing," Depends-wearing former Wehrmacht recruits and their scary markers of doom. If they won't go after Salman Hossain, who has publicly and repeatedly called for Jews to be annihilated, what makes you think they'd charge QuAIA, which, after all, belongs to one of Canada's super-special victim groups?

Ms Cohen continues:
I commend the efforts of our colleague Martin Goldstone and the courage of those planning to march with the Jewish LGBT group Kulanu, but as my own safety has been threatened repeatedly and I have faced regular harassment from QuAIA and their associates, I will not be in attendance at Pride or other LGBT community events. Please be careful in your travels around Toronto Pride should you be wearing pro-Israel insignia or flags. I have proudly worn or carried Israeli flags at Toronto Pride for many years, including mounting a float in 2002, but it is no longer safe for me to do so. Happy Pride.
Sounds to me like Judenhass/Zionhass has rotted out another well-meaning endeavour.

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