Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This Weekend, T.O. is Motown

BCF, that funny, funny feline, calls this weekend's huge Islamic  conference "Jihadstock"--the reason I was inspired to revise Joni:

Well, I came upon a child of Mo
He was walkin' on down the road
And I asked him, "Where are you goin'?"
This he told me:
Said, "I'm goin' down to old T.O.,
Gonna go to a big shindig.
Gonna call 'the Jew' an ape 'n' pig,
Watch a Da'wa show now."

We are kafirs, we are clueless,
We are fools who've been duped by cons,
And we've got to get ourselves to keep our guard up...

Update: Here's a photo showing what this year's fashionistas will be wearing.

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