Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Barack's Silver-Tongued Sycophant

This one goes out to Obama's counter-terrorism expert John Brennan:

John was sensible,
Thought it reprehensible
To blame the jihad.
"It's legit so quit yer gripin'," he go-o-o-oes.
B.O. president,
Current White House resident
Brennan makes him glad.
"Islam's full of peace," he says,
"And it show-o-o-ows."
But as he's reachin' out far and wide,
He's bushwacked from behind...

Slash, slash, jihad's sharp machete
Comes down upon our heads.
Slash, slash, jihad's sharp machete
Ensures that we are dead.

Back in Washington
John is tryin' to caution 'em
Not to make a fuss:
"In Islam you can trust,
You all must agree ee-ee-ee.
Barack's gonna preach
'Bout the wisdom of "outreach"
As he always does.
The buzz is he's as clueless as he can be-ee-ee-ee.
And as he's gettin' ready to hug
A noise assaults his ears...

Boom, boom, jihad's 'sploding undies
Brings down a great big plane.
Boom, boom, jihad's sploding undies
Drives infidels insane.

PC mishegas--
It'll be the death of us,
Makes us lame and weak.
But one dare not speak such unpleasant fa-a-a-acts.
John and BHO--where they lead, don't wanna go;
It'll get us killed.
Still the left is thrilled by how Barack a-a-a-acts.
And as he's blah-blah-blah-ing again
Jihad comes roarin' back...

Bang, bang, jihad's true believer
Shoots soldiers at Fort Hood.
Bang, bang, jihad's true believer
Wants kafirs dead for good..

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