Monday, June 14, 2010

The Clueless Leading the Clueless (Into a Cul de Sac)

Clueles Canadian Jewish lefty Dow Marmur cites the words of clueless Israeli lefty Amos Oz in the print mothership of Canadian cluelessness, the Toronto Star:
...Amos Oz, the internationally acclaimed Israeli writer, has reminded us what we must learn from the fiasco. Writing in the New York Times after the confrontation, he reflected on the limits of military power. Stressing that without it Israel would not be able to survive a single day, he nevertheless argued for a different way of seeking to resolve the conflict.
The incident has shown again that, irrespective of which side wins a battle, both lose the war. Israel may have prevented the ships from docking at Gaza, yet the credibility of its government at home and abroad has suffered greatly. The Palestinians and their allies may have won a massive public relations victory, but they’re unlikely to be able to conceal the fact that terrorists boarded at least one of the ships and, pretending to be humanitarian activists, severely compromised the cause of those they said they came to help.
And Hamas, when it refused to allow the goods the ships brought to be distributed because they now came through Israel, has shown that using rather than feeding the hapless population is its real aim.
Yet Oz’s argument remains solid: “Force cannot solve the problem that we are not alone in this land, and the Palestinians are not alone in this land. We are not alone in Jerusalem and the Palestinians are not alone in Jerusalem.” Confrontations never make for peace. That’s why he urges Israel to talk to Hamas rather than quixotically try to defeat it.

He makes a cogent case in favour of dialogue when he writes that “Hamas is not just a terrorist organization . . . (but) an idea, a desperate and fanatical idea that grew out of the desolation and frustration of many Palestinians.”...
Cogent, is it? Here's the deal, Dow: Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood and is in cahoots with Apocalypse-minded Shias who mean to summon their messiah, an iman who hopped down a well some centuries ago but who's awaiting the demise of all Jewry to spark his return. You may as well talk to Martians (if you can find any) or to Nazis--or to the Taliban (cue the Dolittle):

If we could talk to the Taliban,
Just imagine it,
Chatting with jihadis in Pashto.
Imagine intellectual wrangles,
Discussing all the angles.
Who knows just how far it all could go?

If we could talk to the Taliban,
To the ‘moderates’,
Find a way to ‘moderate’ their game.
They could read stuff from the Koran,
You know it won’t be borin’.
In essence isn’t everyone the same?

We could converse with clerics who despise us,
And they would curse our presence in their land.
If they should ask, “Do you like the caliphate?”
Say for the helluvit, “It’s grand!”

If we could talk to the Taliban,
Have a 'dialogue',
Think of all the things we could discuss.
If we could talk to the Taliban,
Flock to the Taliban,
Honk and squeak and squawk to the Taliban,
No way they’d talk to us.
(And same for Hamas.)

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