Friday, June 11, 2010

The End

Well, I did it. I finished reading A Lethal Obsession by Robert Wistrich--all 938 pages. If you want to understand the Judeophobia of our time and what it bodes for Jews, Israel, America and mankind as a whole, I would urge you to read this most brilliant, thrilling, comprehensive and depressing book. Here's his parting shot--the final paragraph on the page 938. I dedicate it to all those who retured their Pride parade honours to express their solidarity with Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, a name that pretty much says it all about the contagious psycho-pathology--the "bad crazy" as someone once described it--that's out there.

Solidarity with the Palestinians has in effect, been globally hijacked by a culture of hatred that shamelessly and totally distorts the integrity of religious beliefs; terrorism has come to justify itself as "resistance" under the false banner of justice and human rights; the Holocaust is cynicallyturned against its primary victims and the "deicidal" people of yesterday are transformed into the mythical perpetrators of today's genocide. The Jew-hatred of yesteryear has not only mutated but is actively fuelling the Middle East conflict and re-exporting its poisonous fruits to Europe and beyond. Unless it is checked in time the lethal trial of anti-Semitism, terror and jihad is capable of unleashing potentially universal conflagration. A deadly strain of genocidal anti-Semitism brings the nightmare of a nuclear Armageddon one step closer and with it the need for more resolute preventive action.
Update: Here's an interview with Wistrich re this book.

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