Friday, June 18, 2010

Farfour et Famille Banned From French TV (Due to You-Know-Joooo)

I must say I enjoyed this one immensely. It's a clip from Lebanese TV that defends Hamas's Sesame Street for widdle shahids, a.k.a. Pioneers of Tomorrow, and claims that "the Zionists" (who, as the Lebanese reporter explains, call the shots in Europe) pressured France into banning it (in France). That means French moppets won't get to see the adventures of the late, lamented (and martyred) Farfour mouse and his "cousin," Nahoul, a bee who appears to have taken mega-doses of steroids. (One of the reasons I find the clip so amusing is that neither P of T nor its Lebanese defenders see any need to explain how a mouse and a bee could be cousins. That's one messed up family tree, if you ask me.)

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