Sunday, June 13, 2010

A FOX in the Trudeaupian Hen House?

A Carleton U official asks: "Is Canadian television ready for hyperventilated extremism?"

Since he's posing the question in the Toronto Star, you know even before reading his comment that the "hyperventilated extremism" he's refering to is a Canadian FOX News and not, say, English Al Jazeera or the CBC. And his conclusion, of course, is that, no, Canada is not ready for the likes of FOX; that FOX is, you know, trés scary; that Canada has quite enough of that sort of political media, thank you very much.

Have you noticed that more often than not some of those who scream the loudest about "free speech" are the first to want to silence the voices of those who don't toe the same ("progressive") political line?

Update: My letter:

“Is Canadian TV ready for hyperventilated extremism?” Well, since English Al Jazeera is now available on cable, and the CBC has been around for many decades, the answer to that query would have to be an unqualified, “Yes!"
Oh, you mean is Canada ready for hyperventilated “right-wing” “extremism”?
Canada is definitely ready. Christopher Dornan, on the other hand, not so much.

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