Friday, June 4, 2010

He's Their Kind of Jew

The Wahhabis (you know, those delightful folks who brought you "mosque twinning," a.k.a. Jew-bamboozlement) are delighted that a capo has stepped up to do their dirty work for them.


paul said...

... can't take this one too seriously considering the item is referencing "The progressive Jewish blogger, Philip Weiss".

Last time I checked ol' Weiss' blog over a year ago, he was doing "Hamlet" and crying his little heart out that he might not be able to keep going after his call for donations netted him a grand total of $8 in contributions. (I'm not kidding!)

scaramouche said...

I take Peter Beinart very seriously, indeed, because he writed stuff like this (stuff that makes my skin crawl):

paul said...

Hi Scaramouche,

I understand your reaction but really, he's a fly-weight propaganda spinner with majorly serious mommy-guilt issues.

One important thing to remember is that nobody of any import, reads, let alone takes The New York Review of Books seriously anymore. For the simple fact that they publish mostly tripe like this article.

Like the Rabble crowd, the only reason they exist is to criticize and as we all know, critics Don't Do. Point being, this article matters only insofar as one should keep an eye on what very stupid people filled with personal resentment and hate are saying; - just for the sake of keeping tabs.

But really, it's THEIR narrative and is counterpoint to traditional Jewish notions of living life filled with higher life-affirming values. :)

My take on the article is the construct he's presenting is intended to put a negative spin on what I would otherwise consider a positive development in the history of American Jewry.

Namely, Jewish identity is unabashedly taking-on the great ideals of the American experiment as being expressed in newer generations of Jewish Americans.
(a very good thing indeed and I would suggest it's the reason there is so much LESS anti-semtism in the USA than there is here in Canada.)

For the sake of argument, what he's not addressing are the two most critical things about the issue at hand.

Notwithstanding, the strong American identity with Jewish Americans as the whole, by their actions, their support for Israel is and remains unwavering and unequivocal. In other words, the really important stuff! And indeed, kudos, to Harper and the Conservatives for their integrity and intrepidness in doing the right thing.

Importantly, while Peter and his ilk can craft endless logical arguments about this and that, on "those evil Jews" and "all the problems in the world are because Jews exist", it's just a form of faux-logic and intellectual masturbation.

Point of fact, the only thing that is NOT being presented in all the verbiage in this latest round of Jew condemnation, in the media and otherwise, is the simple fact that Hamas is intractably clear in their Mission and Purpose as a Political Party to kill as many Jews as they can. Like Hitler, the "Jew-file" is not just on one desk with one Minister handling it, but rather shared by at least a half a dozen departments for maximum effect.


In other words, while the author of this article may think he's being clever and smart in presenting a valid (cough) "crticism", there is nothing intelligent about it.
Full stop.