Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The 'High Seas Intifada'

From an editorial in the Washington Times (as quoted in Jihad Watch):
...The Israelis boarded with paintball guns, tasers, tear gas and other nonlethal weapons. They expected the usual highly choreographed dance in which they board the ship and take control of it while the activists link arms, sing the Palestinian terrorist equivalent of "We Shall Overcome," take photos and issue press releases about the latest "Zionist atrocity." That's the usual Mahatma Gandhi/Martin Luther King Jr. passive-resistance theater.
But extremists have learned a key lesson of our age - violent resistance is better than passive submission when they know they will not be held accountable...
Our upside down world has no problem with terrorists posing as Gandhis--as long as the "resistors" are "resisting" Zionists.

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