Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How's That 'Diversity' Working for You, Toronto?

As Kathy Shaidle writes in this superb, must-read pajamas media piece, when the Muslim population is exploding like gangbusters (and some local malls--howdy, Eaton's Centre--look like burqa city), "diversity" (burqasity?) can have its drawbacks, especially if you're Jewish.

Update: Taxpayer funded Palestine House (which earns a mention in Kathy's article) crows about its latest triumph in its own inimitable way:
Rally in front of The Israli (sic) Consulate
Rally and March Against the crimes of Apartheid Israel
Date: Saturday, June 5
The rally went well. more (sic) than 2000 people marched through the streets of Toronto. The media coverage was excellent. We saluate (sic) all solidarity groups who endorsed the rally and all the (sic) those who joined the march. Free... free.. Palestine
I "saluate" all the counter-protesters who showed up to confront the naqba nutters. Free... free.. taxpayers

Update: According to Kathy, who was at the counter-protest, Palestine House is kiting the numbers. She tells me
There were absolutely NOT 2000 people there on Saturday. Maybe half that absolute tops.

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paul said...

I keep scratching my head trying to fathom how stupid these bold-faced lying Jihad Monkey Boys really are.

I guess it's their culture and no wonder leadership in the Muslim world is so universally decrepit across Islamic lands. (no doubt about it, they're totally crap countries.)

For a real count of the pro-Pal crowd my comment on Dr. Roy's blog.

"... judging from the wide-angle shots on flicker, the pro-Pal crowd looks more like 250-300. (add 2 or 3 to every sign)"