Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Human Rights" Fanatics Bring A Little Taste of Cold War Era East Germany to T.O.

As if having to foot the billion dollar bill for the G20 summit isn't outrage enough, a self-appointed Stasi has cropped up to ensure authorities don't engage in any "anti-human rights" hanky panky. From the Globe and Mail:
The Canadian Civil Liberties Association is gathering human rights monitors to attend the G20 protests in June. The group is looking for about 45-60 individuals to work in pairs throughout the week of June 21 through 27, 2010, for four hours a day. They will be assigned to follow protests and take notes on what occurs, with an eye to watching how demonstrators are treated by police. Volunteers don’t need any legal training, but must take a CCLA training session prior to the G20. They will drop their notes off at CCLA headquarters after every shift, says general counsel Nathalie DesRosier, so that the group can take legal action if needed. But finding the right volunteers is not always easy, she acknowledged. Monitors must be willing to walk along with the protests, risking arrest, pepper spray and sonic canon, and having to endure hours of endless chants. The monitors are also expected to be impartial, and can not be there because they want to take part in the demonstrations. “This means that if you are thinking of engaging in acts of civil disobedience, or if you think you may want to participate in the protest, you should not sign up to be a Monitor,” notes a release from the group. “You should also keep in mind that monitors may interact with the police, and there is a small chance of arrest, or being asked to testify in court. If you have personal reasons to be worried about interactions with the police, including outstanding arrest warrants or uncertain immigration status, you may not want to participate as a monitor.”
They're worried about Toronto police--the most PC-minded, multiculti-besotted constabulary in the land? 'Tis to laugh. Equally laughable (in a dark, Orwellian sort of way): the apparent lack of concern for vandalism and other property damage the thousands of "demonstrators" are likely to perpetrate.

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PaladinPhil said...

I don't think they will have to worry much about the Toronto Police. Now the OPP and RCMP are different stories altogether. I think they may be lending helping hands during the G20 protests.