Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jews Should Acknowledge Nazis Here to Stay

Er, sorry. Make that "Israel should acknowledge Hamas is here to stay," the sage insight of Shira Herzog in the Globe and Mail. (Need I tell you which political orientation the eternally clueless Shira hews to?)

That's right, Jews. Power-crazed nutjobs who believe you are irredeemably evil and who think it's their God-given mission to do the world a service by ridding the planet of your execrable presence: get used to it.

Update: My letter:
It’s easy to see how Israel’s acknowledgement that “Hamas is here to stay”--Shira Herzog’s recommendation--would be a boon to Hamas: It would confer on it the type of legitimacy that, in another time, acknowledging that the PLO was “here to stay” did for that organization.
It’s much more difficult--nay, impossible-- to see what Israel would get out of the deal. Going strictly by past experience, the mere “acknowledgement” that there are those who consider you irredeemably evil and who believe they would be doing the world a service by wiping you out (as delineated in the Hamas Charter) is hardly an effective way of preventing masses of Jews from getting killed.
Or would Ms. Herzog have us succumb to the alluring but, alas, suicidal delusion that the current crop of eliminationists is any less bent on its mission that was a previous one?
That's mean rhetorically, obviously, since Herzog, being of the leftish persuasion, would have us succumb to the alluring delusion.

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