Monday, June 7, 2010

Official Jew Gets a Clue

Oh, look. The Official Jew has finally twigged to the fact that, whereas the cops are Speedy Gonzales when it comes to throwing the book at Third Reich-sounding Judeophobes (and Christian "Islamophobes"), they are, shall we say, somewhat laggardly in their approach to Muslims who spew Judenhass. From the National Post (h/t BCF):
TORONTO — Three months after police launched an investigation into a Canadian who uses a website to call for a genocide of Jews, no charges have been laid and he has continued to advocate for racist violence.
According to sources familiar with the case, Ontario Provincial Police have completed their investigation and it is now in the office of Ontario Attorney-General Chris Bentley, who must decide whether to proceed with charges.

In the meantime, the subject of the investigation, Salman Hossain of Mississauga, Ont., has left Canada but continues to advocate for the mass killing of Jews on a U.S.-based conspiracy theory website.

“The Jews and their allies as a collective must be exterminated,” reads a May. 19 post that bears Mr. Hossain’s byline. “A proper invasion and genocide/slaughter is necessary to punish them,” it adds. “We must kill them off. As many of them as possible.”

Advocating genocide is illegal under Canadian law but Mr. Hossain — who calls himself “a regular Muslim supporting the jihad overseas” and a “buddy/acquaintance” of the Toronto 18 terrorists — has a history of making provocative statements on the Internet.

In 2007, after he called for terrorist attacks in Canada, supported the killing of Canadian soldiers and made offensive comments about Jews, he was investigated by CSIS, RCMP and OPP but no charges were ever laid.

Mr. Bentley told the Canadian Jewish Congress on Oct. 1, 2009 that Mr. Hossain was not charged because he had refrained from making such statements for over a year and was undergoing rehabilitation.

But Mr. Bentley promised to streamline the process for approving hate-related charges and said decisions regarding whether to prosecute would be made within 60 days of police submitting a request for charges.

“At that time we were assured that a new process was being put into place that would lead to a more speedy determination,” Bernie Farber, CEO of the CJC, said in an interview on Monday.

“Unfortunately, this most recent investigation has been moving at glacial speed which calls into question that assurance of a more streamlined process.”...
Gee, ya think? Kind of like the "glacial speed" it took Bernie to realize authorities had been stringing him along all along.

Now, let's see how long it takes him to figure out that that state censorship stuff isn't working for us anymore, either.

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