Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quotes from the Parvez Case

The National Post has some quotes from the Aqsa Parvez case. In one, "From agreed statement of facts," Aqsa is said to have
confided in her closest friends that her father had sworn to her on the Koran that if she ran away again he would kill her.
In another, also from the agreed facts,
Aqsa's sister Shasma Parvez...indicated that what Aqsa was doing by running away was against their religion and made her dad and brother mad. Aqsa was disrespected their father and their religion.
And Aqsa's father, explaining officials of Aqsa's school the difference between how things works, uppity-chick-wise, in Canada and his native Pakistan, noted that here
Woman are able to open their mouths because they have rights.
Whereas were "the same woman in Pakistan"
She don't dare open her mouth.
And here is another quote, from the lawyer for Aqsa's brother, who, given his druthers, would prefer to sweep all the Islam under the rug (or at least, under the judge's radar):
Joseph Neuberber, lawyer for Waqas Parvez, acknowledged that "archaic gender beliefs" played a role in the killing but added: "To a large extent we want to characterize this as...a domestic-related situation."
A domestic-related situation related to the domestic relations (i.e. man the boss, chicks their "tilth") relating to and related in the Koran, more like. Nice try, though, Joe.

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