Monday, June 14, 2010

Racism in Ontario--the Official and the Unofficial Versions

In a hot-off-the-presses (speaking metaphorically) doc, Commissar Barbara Hall's Ontario "Human Rights" Commission 'splains "Racism" to us:
  • Racism is a belief that one group is better than another group because of race or colour
  • Racism can be a conscious or unconscious attitude or value based on an assumption about characteristics of a particular group or religion
  • Racism can be deeply rooted and displayed openly in racial jokes and slurs or hate crimes
  • Racism can happen on an individual level, or on a systemic or institutional level
  • Racism can be profiling or stereotyping of individuals because they belong to a certain race
  • Racism can occur when policies or practices that may seem or are intended to be neutral result in disadvantages for people of a certain race, ethnic, national or religious group
  • Racism can result from historical privilege of people who have power.
Oh, Barb, that's soooo 1970. This--this--is what "racism" is in today's Ontario:
  • Racism is a buncha young thugs in front of taxpayer-funded Palestine House lowering their zippers, tossing coins at "Jews" and urging them to get thee to the ovens.
  • Racism is the failure of authorities to press "hate crime" charges against a Muslim who specifically calls for a genocide of the Jews (only one of the many, many hateful things he has and continues to say); Christian "Islamophobes" cannot expect the same consideration.
  • Racism is a chap at an anti-Israel hate rally who shrieks at the top of his lungs, "You are the brothers of monkeys! You are the brothers of pigs!"
  • Racism is ignoring the Hezbo flags marked "Palestine House" at another anti-Israel hate rally.
  • Racism can occur when police are too "neutral"--and too frikkin' afraid--to serve and protect those being threatened by a member of a protected "victim group".
  • Racism can result from historical privilege of the powerful, but to view it strictly in those terms and to discount the reality that racism can and often does arise within designated "victim groups" is to employ a Marxist construct that is wildly inaccurate and that endangers the lives of kafirs everywhere.


Roo said...

Well said!

scaramouche said...

Thanks. Compared to my "unofficial" stuff, I think the OHRC bullets seem rather, well, quaint.

Blazing Cat Fur said...

Me likey U hate good!