Thursday, June 17, 2010

Salman Continues to Spew With Impunity--Making a Mockery of Canada's 'Hate Crime' Laws

While Bernie Farber continues to scratch his head, wondering why it is that Salman Hossain has yet to be charged with a hate crime for advocating a genocide of the Jews (the type of zesty Judenhass that, had he been a white guy, would have gotten his sorry keester hauled in front of a judge lickety split), the Ceej honcho continues to go out of his way to give laggardly authorities the benefit of the doubt (h/t BCF):

He said that assuming police were able to link Hossain to the site and prove he authored the content, “I would think it’s the kind of case sections [against advocating genocide and promoting hate] were written for. It would be unbelievable if charges weren’t laid.
Assuming they were able to link him to the site? Dude has posted a new peroration this very day on the very same site, this time a deranged rant about how (shades of Hitler) Jews are a "disease". But since this is 2010 and not, you know, 1940, Salman relates it to (shades of the MSM and the unhinged international community) the "freedom flotilla." If police weren't able to make the link, it's safe to assume they weren't trying all that hard--or at all.


Blazing Cat Fur said...

I wonder what the "authorities" say whenever Bernie calls other "Oh cripes not him again...."

scaramouche said...

Or: "Oh cripes, not that Jew again."