Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sy's Holocaust Envy

BCF reports that Sy Soharwardy, the hardest working man in Canadian show business (when he isn't busy writing up complaints about Danish Motoons and perambulating across Canada, he's in charge of three--count 'em, three--organizations: the Islamic SUPREME Council; Muslims Against Terrorism and the Freedom of Speech Centre) is ranting about the Holocaust again. Oh, not the one that Hitler launched against the Jews. The one(s) that the kafir has launched against Muslims.

What's that? You didn't know about the latter Shoah? Don't worry if you're feeling left out of the loop. There was no Muslim "Holocaust". But that's neither here nor there; it's irrelevent, in fact. Sy has imbibed a PR lesson that is paying off big time for Muslims and leftists these days: when the facts don't conform to and affirm your narrative, simply make them up.

And lest you're skeptical about Sy's sincerity, peace-wise, he affirms his commitment to all the touchy-feely stuff Canadians hold dear while loudly proclaiming his aversion to taqiyyah, that loophole whereby Muslims get to lie their socks off if it serves the cause of spreading sharia, Allah's universal law. He (Sy, that is, not Allah) says so right here in black and white (or, er, yellow and blue)--his statement of belief:
FYI--We believe Taqiyah is lies, deception and very un-Islamic practice. We believe that Islamic Shari'a is based upon Qu'ran, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) Sunnah/Hadith and the practices of righteous companions/Ahlul Bait of Prophem Muhammad (peace be upon him). Islam respects pluralism and recognizes other faiths and requires from Muslims to have respect for human life and honour. Those who commit heinous crimes in the name of Islam may have Muslim names but they are dead wrong.
Wrong in their M.O., perhaps. Not wrong in their desire to see sharia get its due and set the agenda world-wide. When it comes to that, make no mistake, Holocaust Sy and the heinous crime-committers see completely eye-to-eye.

Update: Robert Spencer issues this caution about self-styled "moderates":
Over the years I have seen it happen more than once: a plausible “moderate Muslim” appears on the scene and becomes the darling of hopeful non-Muslims who believe that he epitomizes the peaceful, reasonable face of Islam upon which they have placed so much hope (and based so much policy). His non-Muslim patrons loudly sing his praises and denounce anyone who is rude or “Islamophobic” enough to examine his statements closely and find that they don’t actually amount to what those patrons think they do or wish they did: a genuinely peaceful and pluralistic version of Islam that is strong enough on Islamic grounds to convince Muslims that they should abandon jihad against Infidels in all its manifestations.
Not infrequently I have been the first to burst the bubbles of these “moderates,” thereby arousing the ire of the willfully ignorant and self-deceived, who found my unwillingness to be satisfied with these moderates’ blandly incomplete or deceptive versions of Islam to be evidence of my “Islamophobia” or bigotry or what have you. In reality, it was nothing of the kind. It was just an unwillingness to be fooled.
Not that Sy's into foolery or anything. I have no doubt he means exactly what he says.

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