Friday, June 4, 2010

To Serve and Protect? Not So Much.

Joe Warmington gives us a heads up about the anti-G20 chuckleheads soon to (dis)grace out burg with their presence--and how cops propose to deal with them:
Slap a white boy, snuff your landlord, smash some windows, rob the corner store, bomb the precinct.

The lyrics in the song F--- the Law by Dead Prez pulsate as the soundtrack to a video posted on YouTube Thursday highlights some of Toronto’s most precious landmarks and treasures.

It’s already alarming, but when you see the skull and bones image on top of subway stations, the cloaked threat makes the hair on the back of one’s neck stand up.

“You wonder why we feel like f--- the law, you wonder why we write up on the wall, you wonder why we burn the cities down, cuz we don’t give a f---, the time is now.”

A harmless rap video or a wicked warning of what could be coming to the G20 summit?

“It’s an open question for interpretation,” said terrorism expert David Harris of Insignis Strategic Research.

But Toronto Police are not alarmed.

“They don’t like capitalism and they are entitled not to like capitalism,” said spokesman Mark Pugash. Maybe we can hit the video-makers with a parking ticket instead?...

Well, that would be par for the course for Toronto's exquisitely sensitive multiculti constabulary; the one that has been labouring day and night (and night and day) to build a case against Salman Hossain; the one that told BCF to move along now and not make a fuss when he was assaulted by kooky, hateful union dude; the one that had its cojones cut off by Babsy Hall and her pro-active "human rights" commissars.

Issuing parking tickets to folks who firebomb banks? Yeah, that should do the trick.

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PaladinPhil said...

I am so not looking forward to the days of grievance theater in June. I will be doing my best to try and document these creeps in action. You know there's going to be riots and stuff when they come to town.