Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Totalitarian Show Tunes

North Korea's zany dictator has some rather dubious taste in music, reports Reuters:
South Korean media have speculated on the whereabouts of reclusive North Korean leader Kim Jong-il since a trip to China last month, with some newspapers suggesting he may have taken to an underground bunker amid threats of war.
South Korea has blamed the North for torpedoing a naval vessel in March killing 46 South Korean sailors, fuelling bellicose rhetoric on both sides of the world's most heavily militarised border.

But North Korea's sometimes shrill KCNA news agency shed a little light on Kim's recent activities for the first time in a long time, saying he enjoyed an "art performance" given by the Korean People's Army. War appeared to be the prominent theme.

The show included "agitation through reminiscences" called "Comrades! Take This Revolver, Please!," wartime songs "My Song in the Trench," "To a Decisive Battle" and "For My Only Motherland" and a chorus of "The Road of Victory."

KCNA is famous for its gushing praise of "Dear Leader" Kim and raucous accusations of war-mongering by the United States and its "puppet," South Korea...
I say they should have gone with "Oh, What a Night" from crowd-pleaser Jersey Boys and Chorus Line's "One Singular Sensation."

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