Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wahida's Over-Heated Turkey Letter

The supremo of the Canadian  Islamic Congress weeps copious tears for the Turks--and rails against the dastardly Zionists--in this semi-hysterical missive to the Turkish ambassador:

Dear Ambassador Akgünay;
I am writing this letter on behalf of the Canadian Islamic Congress to express our sincere condolences to you, to the Turkish government, and to all the people of Turkey, on the tragic loss of Turkish lives and the injuries suffered by citizens of your great nation as a result of the despicable Israeli attack on the Liberty Flotilla attempting to reach Gaza last week.
However, I can also say that our sadness for the victims and our sympathy with their families is mixed with an enormous sense of their honor and dignity. Canadian Muslims are very proud of, and inspired by, those people who willingly put their own lives at risk in support of a humanitarian cause that crosses boundaries of race, ethnicity, religion and state.
I hope and trust that the brave presence of Turkish people at the forefront of this global movement will sustain and comfort you and your great nation at this difficult time.
Canadian Muslims would like to express their unequivocal admiration and support for the Turkish government and Prime Minister for their firm, ethical, and unambiguous stand on the issue of Palestine and all other concerns relating to the Middle East and elsewhere.
Please accept our genuine consideration.
Respectfully yours,
Mrs. Wahida Valiante,
President, Canadian Islamic Congress
Chair, Islamic History Month Canada
Yeah, that Turkey sure is swell. And no doubt the ambassador will bowled over by Wahida's credentials, especially the second one. Chair of Islamic History Month--now, that's impressive.

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