Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oleaginous Iggy Speaks With Forked Tongue

To the accompaniment of much feigned fanfare in the leftist media, Liberal leader Iggy has unveiled his "new" foreign policy. I must admit that the portion relating to Israel evoked a chuckle or two because it's so doggone, well, Liberal. Essentially, it amounts to: "We are prepared to pay lip service to our 'enduring friendship' with Israel and the chimerical, never-gonna-happen 'two state solution,' all the while reserving our highest dudgeon for only one of the two sides (because there are a lot more Muslims than Zionists here in Canada--and we want their votes)." Here's how the Toronto Star's Tonda MacCharles writes it up:
On the Middle East, the Liberals re-state the party’s longstanding support for a “two-state” solution, emphasizing its support for “a safe, secure and democratic Israel” alongside “a viable, safe, secure and democratic Palestinian state.
Canada “is a friend of Israel, an important, democratic ally, with a right to defend itself,” says Ignatieff.
Still, the policy book makes two pointed observations. It says while the targeting of civilians should always be condemned by Canada, “Israeli construction of settlements in East Jerusalem and elsewhere in the Palestinian West Bank continues to be unhelpful and an obstacle to peace.” It also says Canada “should also continue pressing for more building materials to be allowed into Gaza. This is essential to enable its people to improve living conditions. It can be done – as it must – without compromising legitimate security concerns of Israel.”
Ignatieff slams the Harper government’s “simplistic” approach to the Middle East as having “polarized debate in Canada for partisan reasons."
"Simplistic"? Ah, yes. It's "simplistic" to side with the democracy, the freedom-lovers, the civilized, the Jews, over the barabarians whose stated aim is to wipe the Jews off the map. The Liberal approach is ever so much more "nuanced" and "complex," you see (says the poseur, the intellectual bien-pensant). 

Can anyone really believe that, (shudder) were he to become P.M., Iggy wouldn't throw the Jews under the train first chance he gets?

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